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Binder’s Board Market: Introduction and Need of the Product

A binder’s board is a type of smooth, hard, and tough paperboard product which is extensively used in the form of covers by bookbinders to protect books and writing papers. It is also known as book board, cover board, cylinder board, spec board, and El-Hi board. These boards are customizable and available in a variety of thicknesses, shapes, and sizes. The demand for binder’s board has witnessed constant growth due to the moderate consumption growth in the book and publishing industry. With the introduction of digital publication of books, magazines, and novels, the binder’s board market may decline during the forecast period. Also, consumers in the developed as well as in developing countries are moving towards digitalization, which in turn will contribute to the sluggish demand for binder’s boards in the near future. Some of the important factors that define properties of binder’s boards are – caliper, pH level, surface design, trimming, and curl. According to PAPTAC G-25 (Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada), the pH level for a binder’s board should lie between 6 and 8. The surface must be even and free from indentations, lumps, and mechanical imperfections. All the edges of a binder’s board must be trimmed smooth. A binder’s board could be produced from both virgin and recycled fibers.

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Binder’s Board Market: Market Dynamics

The global demand for binder’s boards is expected to be affected by a large number of factors which include digitalization, introduction of substitute products, board quality, consumer interest, and many others. More and more manufacturers in the market are producing their products from materials which are compostable, recyclable, and meet industry standards. A binder’s board is also used in the production of decorative items through foil stamping and screen printing techniques. Also, a binder’s board is extensively used by students all over the world to protect their study materials. Growth in literacy rates will increase the number of students which, in turn, will create a high demand for binder’s board in the global market, particularly in the developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The demand for binder’s board may decline due to the introduction of substitute products in the global market. Also, board quality could also hamper consumer sentiments to which, in turn, would negatively impact the growth of the binder’s board market.

Binder’s Board Market: Market Segmentation:

Binder’s Board Market Segmentation: By Paper Source

  • Virgin Fiber
  • Recycled Fiber

Binder’s Board Market Segmentation: By Board Thickness

  • Up to 0.05 inches
  • 0.05 inches to 0.09 inches
  • 0.09 inches to 0.13 inches
  • More than 0.13 inches

Binder’s Board Market Segmentation: By Board Application

  • Bookbinding
  • Albums
  • Decorative Packaging
  • Craft and Hobbies
  • Scrapbook
  • Portfolios
  • Point of Purchase
  • Office Products
  • Luggage and Cases
  • Menus & Hospitality
  • Others

Binder’s Board Market: Regional Overview

On the basis of region, the binder’s board market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, APEJ (Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan), Middle East & Africa, and Japan. The binder’s board market for bookbinding is expected to witness a slight decline in its growth rate in the developed countries such as U.S., Germany, and Italy. This is primarily due to the introduction of digital formats of books and novels which are cheaper and much more convenient than paper-based formats. However, the demand for other applications will remain robust and create enormous opportunities for the manufacturers of binder’s board in the North American and the European region. In the countries such as, India and China, the binder’s board market is expected to witness a high growth rate during the forecast period. The demand is generated from the increasing number of students, book readers, and high demand for decorative packaging in the Asia-Pacific region. Latin America and MEA also offer untapped growth potential in the global binder’s board market.

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Binder’s Board Market: Market Players

Some of the key players in the binder’s board market are WestRock Company, University Products, Inc., LBS Bind, Changjiang Paper (HK) Co. Ltd., WINTER & COMPANY AG, Royal Moorman Karton Weesp BV, and New Bamboo Paper Co., Ltd.