Los Angeles rodent exterminator delivers peace of mind

Press Release

Pacific Pest Control, the Los Angeles rat exterminator, understands the worry, problems and even the fear these rodents can bring.

As a preferred rodent exterminator near me in the LA area, the company has years of experience ridding homes and businesses of these vermin.

“Mice do scare people,” said owner Craig Broadhead. “We get that. But rats, the big ones, are far worse and a lot scarier than deer or house mice. Rats are incredibly smart and if backed into a corner will fight back.”

Removing these pests successfully requires more than just setting a few traps around. Rats especially learn very quickly to avoid kill traps. They also leave poisons alone, once they eat some and get sick from it.

“You have to literally outsmart rats. Mice, they are easy by comparison,” he said. “Rats require an exterminator to be on top of his profession and have more than one way to get rid of them.”

Pacific Pest has a three-step method of getting rid of an infestation.

First, rodent-proof the property. That means plugging holes, covering openings and making it impossible for a rat or mouse to get into the building. Since both rodents can squeeze through any hole their head will fit through, some of those holes are quite small.

Step two is to set traps. Pacific Pest also uses gas for underground nests and poisons where it is safe to do so.

Step three, clean up the mess the critters made. That means removing droppings and tearing out and replacing anything they urinated on. These smells will draw other rats and mice to the area.

“Property owners also have to take steps to help the varmints from returning. Food sources have to be secured and made rodent-proof. If the rats and mice have ready food sources, keeping them out becomes more difficult,” Mr. Broadhead said.

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