Halloween costumes for the future doctor in the house

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[Los Angeles, CA], [8/10/19] – Looking for Halloween costume for your kids that won’t break your wallet and will last more than one night? Scrubs Unlimited has children-size medical scrubs.

“We sell scrubs tops, pants and lab coats for the future doctor, nurse or paramedic in your house. Encourage your children’s imagination. Let them pretend and it could turn into something meaningful in years to come,” said Philip Gabriel, Scrubs Unlimited’s owner.

Scrubs Unlimited’s kids clothing are cut to look exactly like the adult versions. They have the same trim, same pockets and same overall fit.

“This is important. When kids want to dress up like adults, they want adult clothes. When those clothes actually fit them, it is so much better,” Mr. Gabriel said.

The scrubs are also durable, just like the adult counterparts. They last. Once Halloween is over, most store-bought costumes are ready for the trash can. Mr. Gabriel said the costumes are meant to be one-use and disposable.

“After the candy is gone, these scrubs will still be there. They make great play clothes for when the kids get home from school. The lab coats are perfect in school or out, for arts and crafts activities,“ he said.

Kids have imaginations. They just need a little help from adults to help that grow. Kids scrubs are. Great way to encourage imagination in a positive direction, Mr. Gabriel said.

Scrubs also make great Halloween costumes for adults, he added.

“You don’t have to be a doctor to play one at a costume party,” he said. “And once you’re done with the party, you still have a great set of scrubs for use around the house, out in the yard and other places where you don’t want to get your regular clothes messed up.”

Order soon to make sure the scrubs and coast get there in time for Halloween and parties.

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About Scrubs Unlimited:

Scrubs Unlimited is LA’s best source of cotton lab coats and medical scrubs to provide users the ability to do their job with convenience and comfort. They offer a wide array of lab coats available for children’s size, tall size, and more. In addition to providing the best quality scrubs and lab coats, Scrubs Unlimited give discount prices for customers to enjoy.

For more information, please visit www.scrubsunlimited.com. For inquiries, please call (866) 267-3079 or send an email to [email protected].

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