Flavor Fraction Market – Overview of Vital Industry Drivers

Press Release

Flavors are the sensory impression of a food and beverage, which is determined mainly by the chemical senses of smell and taste. Globally, the manufacturers of flavors are focused on enhancing and improving the flavors of food products and beverages either obtained naturally or artificially. The flavors market is growing rapidly and manufacturers are coming up with many types and variety of flavors such as flavour fractions, WONF and others. Flavor fractions are extracted by a physical process. For extraction of natural Flavor fractions, there is no use of chemicals and no preservatives are required for storage. Flavor fractions are widely used to add back flavors in various food products and drinks. These flavor fractions are widely used by the pharmaceuticals, food industry and cosmetics. Some of the major consumers of flavor fractions are Kerry Foods, PepsiCo, Nestle, GSK, and others. The global market for flavor fraction is expected to grow over the forecast period due to an increase in demand for convenience foods, the requirement of fresh flavors in beverages and development in technologies to produce and manufacture innovative flavors.

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The delicate flavors of various fruits and vegetables such as guava, mango, apple, cucumber, tomato and others are lost during processing. These lost flavors and aroma are restored and added back to develop a premium product. These flavor fractions are widely used as add back flavors to juice, soft drinks, still drinks, alcoholic beverages and others. Flavor fractions are used to develop natural flavors in various preparations of the bakery, confectionery, dairy foods and others. Use of flavor fractions helps in extending the shelf life of finished products due to the presence of various natural antioxidants in flavor. Flavor fractions are all in one integrated add back system as there is an efficient and fast recovery of flavor and aroma compounds. The manufacturers of flavor fractions market their products under clean labels as the name derived the flavor of flavor fraction is obtained from the original fruit. No specific labeling is required for the products manufactured using flavor fractions. The developing trend to use natural and organic flavors with an increase in knowledge and food safety concerns, flavor fractions market is expected to grow rapidly over the forecast period.

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The key players operating in flavor fractions market are Dohler Gmbh, Firmenich SA, Panteley Toshev Ltd., Florida Worldwide Citrus Products Group Inc., Treatt PLC., Kanegrade Ltd., ICC Industries Inc., Uren food group Ltd., Destilla Gmbh and Archer Daniels Midland Company. Many manufacturers are focusing to enter the market, as the product is sold under clean labels are is increasing its demand in food and beverage industry.

Flavor fraction manufacturers can provide these flavors to consumers directly making it available in small packaging. These are expected to boost the market for flavor fractions as people these days are coming up with a variety of culinary preparations and various other food products using a large number of flavors in their daily diet. The manufacturers are expected to invent new methodologies for the extraction of these natural flavors. New technologies are expected to develop to increase the shelf life of these flavors. The manufacturers of food and beverage service industry could use a large variety of flavor fractions in their culinary preparations. Flavor fractions retain their original flavors and essence which is expected to increase its use in the manufacturing of cosmetics and personal care products. The pharmaceutical industry is expected to use these flavors for manufacturing flavored tablets, syrups and mask their bitter taste.