Oryzenin Market to Flourish with an Impressive CAGR During 2017 – 2025

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Oryzenin Market Introduction

Oryzenin is a storage protein found in the seeds of rice. It is a great alternative for those consumers who are looking for lactose-free and non-allergen protein source. Oryzenin is approximately 75-90% of the total protein content in rice rains. Oryzenin is extracted from rice grains and rice flour by the method of sonification. Due to increase in demand for health conscious food and beverages, the Oryzenin market is experiencing the increase in growth. Weight management is the main factor for the increase in demand as rice protein increases power, strengthen skeletal muscles and body mass. Basically the increasing demand for brown rice and the increasing popularity for vegan diets are fueling the Oryzenin market. Oryzenin is a form of protein, but despite of that it doesn’t lead to digestive disorders like Celiac disease which is generally caused by the intake of barley, wheat and rye.

Oryzenin Market Segmentation

The Oryzenin market can be segmented on the basis of form, type, application and region.

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On the basis of form, Oryzenin market can be segmented into liquid and powder. This is a protein ingredient which is used in food and beverage industry. The powdered form of the Oryzenin has major growth in the market as it has easy-handling process and low transportation cost. The liquid form needs further processing due to which there is an increase in the cost, thus it is less preferred as compared to the powdered form.

On the basis of type, Oryzenin market can be segmented into isolates and concentrates. Among these two, the concentrates segment is holding the major market share than the isolates. This is because the concentrates are cost-effective compared to isolates and has further developments in product specification. It is expected to fuel the market in future.

On the basis of applications, Oryzenin is used only in food and beverage industry, which can be further sub-segmented into dairy alternatives, beverages, bakery and confectionery, sports and energy nutrition and meat analog. The majority market segment is held by the sport and energy nutrition market as it is a very essential requirement for sports person and athletes for muscle power and recovery. The Oryzenin helps the sports persons to increase their skeletal and muscle power. Oryzenin gives similar strength as of when whey protein is consumed.

On the basis of region, the Oryzenin market has a very dominant market in Europe, followed by North America. These regions consume high amount of protein as compared to other regions due to the consumer concern for a healthy lifestyle. Among the growing markets, Asia-pacific is the fastest one as the population over there is still in developing stage.

Oryzenin Market Drivers, Trends and Drivers

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According to the recent trend of the new generation for a healthy and better lifestyle, consumers are preferring high protein diet with lower lactose concentration. The demand for rice protein is higher than others because of its functional properties. Is high protein content and its gelling properties are the essential properties for food and beverage industry. Rice protein has a lower cost production which is also a factor for the demand of Oryzenin in the market. It is the protein which doesn’t lead to any digestive disorders and it is an excellent alternative for the people who are suffering from celiac disease. Due to its high protein content, the sports industry and the athletes have high demand for it, which is mainly driving the Oryzenin market. A huge percentage of people in the world has gene for gluten intolerance, which creates a good opportunity for other source of gluten-free protein like rice protein. Thus the encouragement of healthier lifestyle and the urge to consume eco-friendly plant based foods are driving the Oryzenin market globally. 

However, the lack of information about the benefits of Oryzenin and rice protein in the developing and rural areas is inhibiting the market to grow.

Oryzenin Market Key Players

Based on the demand for Oryzenin and its benefits are attracting many manufacturers and producers to include it as their ingredient product. Some of the key manufacturers are Axiom Food Inc, AIDP Inc., Ricebran technologies, Organic Ingredients Inc., The Green Labs LLC., Bioway Organic Nutrition LLC. and others.

The report covers exhaustive analysis on: Oryzenin Market Segments Oryzenin Market Dynamics Oryzenin Market Size, 2015 – 2016 Oryzenin Size & Forecast 2017 to 2025 Supply & Demand Value Chain Oryzenin Current Trends/Issues/Challenges Competition & Companies involved Technology Value Chain Oryzenin Market Drivers and Restraints

 Regional analysis for Oryzenin Market includes: North America Latin America Europe Asia Pacific excluding Japan Japan The Middle East and Africa 

Report Highlights: Shifting Industry dynamics In-depth market segmentation Historical, current and projected industry size Recent industry trends Key Competition landscape Strategies of key players and product offerings Potential and niche segments/regions exhibiting promising growth A neutral perspective towards market performance

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