Tennis Ball Machine Market to Witness Widespread Expansion during 2018 – 2028

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Tennis Ball Machines – Portable Game

Tennis, which was earlier regarded as a sport for the rich, has become a popular choice amongst the youngsters. The sport has grown tremendously in the past few years, which has aided in the manufacturing of machines that spout balls making tennis facilities self-sufficient. Tennis ball machines are generally one of the most underused assets at facilities. The benefits of setting-up tennis ball machines are not completely understood as there are only a small percentage of teaching professionals, tennis coaches and facility managers, who use it to their potential. There are several tennis ball machines in the market with different features to catering to the needs of beginners to advanced tournament players.

To improve the game, the number of players shifting towards tennis ball machine for practice. Players have become dependent on tennis ball machines as it’s not always possible to have a suitable partner for a game. This can be further substantiated by the increasing number of participants for tennis at local, regional, national and international sporting platforms.

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There are few number of market players for tennis ball machines, globally. Over 18 million participants play tennis at different levels in the U.S. Thereby, constituting a significant customer base for tennis ball machines market. According to research, around 2 billion people play or watch tennis, which is ranked 4th in the list of popular sports behind Soccer, Cricket & Hockey, thus creating many opportunities in the market for tennis ball machine.

Tennis Ball Machine – Creating Global Value

Over the past decade, the sports and sports accessories industry has transformed and has become global in nature. Sports like lawn tennis have long been consolidated in certain pockets of the global geographic clusters and has captivated only a limited target audience. Lawn tennis is highly adopted in U.S., Australia & European Countries. Nevertheless, tennis is being promoted by association and investors across key countries with a large customer base, such as China, India, Indonesia, etc. As a result, China is one of the largest growing markets for tennis. This, in turn, has heightened the awareness and unfolded a plethora of opportunities for tennis ball machines market participants. Amateur players in this regions foresee a significant opportunity in tennis and thus, spend more money on buying goods & accessories for tennis, which creates a huge opportunity for tennis ball machines market.

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Furthermore, tennis clubs have also invested significantly in lawn tennis infrastructures in the past few years & use specialized equipment like tennis ball machines that have the ability to compete with champions, which has created an additional demand for tennis ball machines.

Collectively all these factors have contributed to the demand for tennis ball machines, and the global market for tennis ball machines is expected to grow at a moderate pace over the forecast period.

Pneumatic tennis ball machine preferred over mechanical

The tennis ball machine market is segmented on the basis of power used, ball launcher type, oscillation, player type and region. Tennis ball machines come in both variants, i.e., electric powered tennis ball machine & battery powered tennis ball machine, out of which battery-powered tennis ball machine is highly utilized as they are portable and easy to carry. In terms of launcher type & player type, pneumatic tennis ball machines are highly accepted by advanced tennis players, while beginners prefer mechanical tennis ball machines. In terms of oscillation, horizontal is preferred over vertical oscillation, which is used for higher shot performance.

In terms of cost, tennis ball machines with mechanical ball launcher are economic in comparison to pneumatic tennis ball lunchers, due to the ease and economic availability of mechanical products used to manufacture these types of tennis ball machines.

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Legacy Markets Continue to Dominate

In terms of regional demand, North America leads the chart, owing to a number of active & passive players, who use tennis ball machines in the region. In 2017, the U.S. alone accounted for around 40% value contribution to the global tennis ball machines market followed by Europe. However, it is projected to lose share in the long-term market against the new market for tennis ball machines, due to an upsurge & penetration of lawn tennis across key consumer markets. Australia is also a major market for lawn tennis equipment, while Asia Pacific leads in terms of growth. China alone contributes to more than 35% of market share in the Asia Pacific.

The concentration of market players is high in North America & Europe. These players are the global leaders of the tennis ball machine market and also cover the other regions of the global tennis ball machines market by exporting their product. The tennis ball machines are provided directly to the customer by the manufacturers. Some of the major players in the global tennis ball machines market are Silent Partner, Lobster Elite, Siboasi, Staber, On Court Off Court, Pro tennis Tips, Playmate, Spinshot & Spin Tutor Inc.

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market, and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to market segments such as geography, function, and animal type.

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