Field Marking Paint Market Analysis and Value Forecast Snapshot by End-use Industry 2018-2028

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Global Field Marking Paint Market Overview

Earlier sports fields were marked using chalks, lime and oil-based paints. Of late, with the advent of field marking paints, products such as latex-based paint are preferred by consumers for lining and decorating sports fields. Field marking paints are environmentally safe, economical, non-damaging to the field (turf) and are easy to clean. Field marking paints can be used in every field sport including football, cricket, tennis, as well as indoor games, such as badminton, basketball (both indoor and outdoor), in-line hockey, etc. Conventional methods damage the field, and the only way to remove them is to wait for the paint to wear out on its own. The field marking paints are temporary but can withstand several days of rain or bad weather and can be removed easily by applying minimal water pressure.

With the increased capability of using the same field for multiple sports activities and rising efforts by governments to promote sports, utilization of field marking paints has increased significantly over the past few years across the world. The field marking paint market is likely to expand considerably owing to the booming popularity of sports for fitness and as a recreational activity. Furthermore, the rising participation of women, physically challenged and promotion of team sports at an institutional-level is likely to create more opportunities for field marking paint manufacturers in the upcoming years.

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Global Field Marking Paint Market Dynamics

The market for field marking paint is majorly driven by the popularity of sports around the globe. The increased fitness and health awareness amongst the vast majority of the working population is likely to propel the field marking paint market towards growth. Field marking paints can be used for the fields or courts that require temporary marking but still sustain the weather conditions. This benefit of field marking paints over the conventional methods is popularizing the product and thereby, inducing field marking paints market growth. Furthermore, the field marking paint can be applied using either brushes, rollers or spray cans, thus aiding in the revenue growth of the field marking paint market.

Easy application and being environmentally safe are the primary factors driving the field marking paint market. However, field marking paints unavailability in several regions is a factor hindering the field marking paint market growth as the product is relatively less prevalent in the remote areas, such as villages and small towns that still use conventional methods to mark fields. Such factors act as a challenge and impede the expansion of field marking paint market.

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Global Field Marking Paint Market Segmentation

The field marking paint market is segmented on the basis of paint base, buyer, sales channel and region.

Field marking paint base includes solvent-borne field marking paint and water-borne field marking paint. The solvent-borne type field marking paint leads in market share and sales. The key buyer type include the individual, institutional and promotional. Concerning sales channels field marking paint market can be classified into, independent sports outlets, sports retail chain, franchised sports outlet, direct-to-customer online channel, direct-to-customer institutional channel, modern trade channels and third-party online channels. Among these, modern trade channels have registered the highest share and remains dominant in sales channel type across the regions in field marking paint market.

The field marking paint market is divided into seven regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • CIS and Russia
  • Japan
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Middle East and Africa (MEA)

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Global Field Marking Paint Market Regional Overview

In terms of regional demand, the field marking paint sales varies across regions. However, continual domination of Asian countries such as Korea, China, India and the region North America in various international tournaments is expected to augment the growth of the field marking paint market in APEJ and North America region in the near future.

While the field marking paint is submerged with possibilities of growth in upcoming years other regions are also gaining pace slowly and steadily. Latin America and Europe are also expected to witness rapid growth of field marking paint market during the forecast period owing to the high popularity of field games such as football

Global Field Marking Paint Market Key Players

Some of the key players of the field marking paint are:

  • US Specialty Coatings
  • Valspar
  • Glidden Professional
  • Pioneer Athletics
  • Seymour
  • PGG Wrightson
  • PPG Paints
  • Asphalt Line Striping
  • Hirshfield’s, Inc.
  • Other Prominent Players

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