Dartboard Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape Outlook to 2018-2028

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A dart is used mainly in throwing sports, precision sports, indoor sports, pub games and gambling games. There are a number of games which can be played on a dartboard. The two major dartboards used across the world: bristle dartboard and the electronic dartboard. Bristle dart boards are more durable and less expensive than electronic dart boards. Electronic dart boards are used to play various games as it consists of a computer program for score calculations. Bristle dartboards are the most commonly used type of dartboards and are considered as a standard dartboard for the tournaments. In this type of board, the holes fill automatically making them durable and long lasting. Bristle boards are available different price rages beginning from economic to expensive. The electronic boards are perfect for the beginners, as it is a great way to improve performance. Electronic boards are also referred to as soft-tip dartboards as soft tip darts are used to play. These are little expensive boards as compared to the bristle boards. A standard dartboard is 17 and three-quarter inches in the diameter and is split into 20 sections. There are two circles in the middle, a double ring and a triple ring, and two shooting targets inside the circles, outer bullseye and inner bullseye. The 20 sections outside the circles have a number ranging from 1 to 20. These numbers are arranged in a random order.

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The dartboards originated during the 1860s in the United Kingdom. In ancient times, darts were used in warfare practices by skirmishers. It was developed into a game of skills and was mainly played in the pubs much later. The dartboards were made of solid blocks of the Elm tree. After the day’s play, they were soaked overnight to heal the holes. The dart was a favorite game amongst the locals.

Later in 1923, dartboards were made of modeling clay. This model of dartboards was not a great success. Soon, dartboards were modified and were made of sisal fibers. Small bundles of similar lengths were bundled together and then compressed into a disk that was bounded with a metal ring. This type of dartboard was a great success as dartboards were more durable and required less maintenance. This was further modified into electronic dartboards with a digital scoreboard that has multiple games programmed into it.

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There are various segments of dartboards depending upon the type, raw material and different games played.

Segmentation of dartboards on the basis of the raw material used:

  • Wooden blocks
  • Modeling clay
  • Fiber
  • Cork
  • Plastics

Segmentation on the basis of the games played on dartboards:

  • Cricket
  • The 01 Games
  • Around the World
  • Legs
  • Killer
  • Halve-it
  • Shanghai

Segmentation on the basis of its types:

  • Bristle dartboards
  • Electronic Dartboards
  • Coiled Paper Dartboards
  • Wooden Dartboards
  • Cork Dartboards
  • Magnetic Dartboards

The segmentation of dartboards also depends on the size that is used in houses, pubs and tournaments.

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The regional demand for dartboards varies across the world. With its roots in the UK, darts are today played extensively across the world and is expected to grow more in the near future.

The number of people participating in the dart games has increased, which has translated into the demand for dartboards. Nowadays, dartboards are made of different types of sisal fiber, which are imported from Brazil, China and East Africa.

Thailand, England and New York have the most numbers of pubs, where dartboards are used prominently. Therefore, the dartboards market is likely to expand further in these regions in the near future.


Some of the leading brands that specialize in the manufacturing of dartboards are:

  • Winmau Darts
  • DMI sports
  • Nodor
  • Arachnid
  • Viper by GLD Products
  • Regent Sports
  • Trademark Games
  • TG Champion
  • Viper

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