Square Mailingt Tubes Market Overview, Segmentation, Top Key Companies, Value Chain, Market Size and Trends

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Square Mailing Tubes – Market Overview:

Protective packaging ensures safety of the products. Square mailing tube is a rigid packaging solution widely used for storage of documents, machinery parts, and electrical products, among others. Square mailing tubes are one variety of mailing tubes. Square mailing tubes provides sufficient space for printing. Square mailing tubes are made using single wall corrugated sheet. These are made by folding the corrugated sheet. The market for square mailing tubes is anticipated to grow over the forecast period. Square mailing tubes are single piece square shaped tubes having opening tabs. The square shape of mailing tube makes insertion and retrieval of products easy. In today’s market, consumer convenience plays a significant role in ensuring higher chances of product acceptance.  Square mailing tubes have several features such as less storage space consumption, the presence of locking mechanism enables reduction in usage of tapes, due to their fold-ability. Square mailing tubes are strong and crush resistant. The square mailing tubes market is expected to grow with the growth of all associated industries.  Due to these factors, the outlook for growth of the global square mailing tubes market is expected to remain largely positive, over the forecast period.

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Square Mailing Tubes Market – Dynamics:

The global square mailing tubes market is expected to grow over the forecast period, due to various reasons. In recent years, many manufacturers have entered the square mailing tubes market. Consumers tend to prefer products that offer high quality, and yet cost less. Square mailing tube is a protective packaging solution at low cost. Square mailing tubes offer various attractive features such as low storage space, are foldable, and are environment friendly. It is anticipated that in the next decade and beyond, sustainability of a product will be given high importance. Therefore, manufacturers of square mailing tubes are focusing on eco-friendly solutions, which are efficient and do not compromise on quality. The manufacturers use square mailing tubes for packaging of various products. Square mailing tubes reduce storage space and production cost as compared to boxes. Therefore, efficient and compact packaging of products can be achieved using square mailing tubes. The factor which might hamper the growth of global square mailing tubes market is the availability of alternate product solutions.

Square Mailing Tubes – Market Segmentation

The global square mailing tubes market is segmented on the basis of source type, on the basis of dimension, and on the basis of application.

  • On the basis of source type, square mailing tubes are manufactured using virgin pulp and recycled pulp.
  • On the basis of dimension, square mailing tube are manufactured in various dimensions such as 2x2x25” – 2x2x37”, 3x3x12” – 3x3x72”, 5x5x18” – 5x5x72” and above these dimensions along with customized dimensions.
  • On the basis of application, square mailing tubes are used in variety of applications such as document storage, machinery parts, electrical & electronics, shipping & logistics and others.

Square Mailing Tubes Market – Regional Outlook

Globally, the Square Mailing Tubes market has been segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Middle East & Africa (MEA) and Japan. APEJ is expected to dominate the global square mailing tubes market. Due to the continuous increase of e-commerce in the APEJ region. China is expected to account for the lion’s share in the APEJ square mailing tubes market. North America and Western Europe are anticipated to closely follow.

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Square Mailing Tubes Market – Key Players

Some of the key players of the square mailing tubes market are Uline, Inc., Paramount Tube, Nassco, The Packaging Company, East Coast Packaging, Llc., Freund Container & Supply, JETS Packaging, Inc. and others.