Rising Opportunities in the Emerging Markets to Boost the Growth of the Vegetable Totes Market

Press Release

Some of the key players operating in the global vegetable totes market are BIDBI (Bag It Don’t Bin It), Blivus Bags Private Limited, Eco-Bags Products, Inc., Xiamen Novelbag Co., Ltd, Western Textile & Manufacturing Inc., Royal Fabric Bags, LBU Inc., CTA Manufacturing Inc., Tote Bag Factory, and Handcraft Worldwide Co.

There was a time when vegetables were sold loose in the market and packaging them was not considered necessary. With the evolution of technology and consciousness of people about health and hygiene, the packaging of vegetables became an inevitable part of daily life. Vegetable packaging is required to keep food safe from external sources such as UV rays, moisture & odour, and most importantly, from unscrupulous bacteria & germs. Vegetable totes are unfastened bags with parallel handles on the sides, which can either be opened or closed from the top. Vegetable totes provide secondary packaging to vegetables and are generally used for carrying vegetables from retail outlets to households. Vegetable totes can be made of jute or fabric. The ease of printing and labelling on vegetable totes make them suitable for vegetable shopping and convenient for producers as well as consumers. Moreover, vegetable totes are easy to carry and very convenient for short distances.

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Global Vegetable Totes Market: Dynamics

Vegetable totes are eco-friendly and can be recycled & reused and are biodegradable. Global rise in the demand for environmentally friendly materials for packaging is expected to drive the global vegetable totes market. Vegetable totes are replacements for disposable plastic bags. Stringent government reforms that ban plastic bags as well as the reusability of vegetable totes is expected to fuel the growth of the vegetable totes market. There are various opportunities in the vegetable totes bags market to increase their strength, reduce cost and add more protective layers.

Vegetable totes are increasingly being used in promotions by institutional consumers, Vegetable totes are available in various sizes, colours and patterns, thus providing a wide variety for consumers and producers to choose from. However, the higher prices of vegetable totes as compared to disposable plastic bags can be a possible restraint to the vegetable totes market, but the growth of retail markets, such as supermarkets and specialty stores, is expected to boost the demand for vegetable totes. According to a study, vegetable totes can be used at least 327 times.

Global Vegetable Totes Market: Segmentation

Globally, the vegetable totes market is segmented on the basis of material types and end user industries as follows:

On the basis of materials type, the global vegetable totes market is segmented as –

  • Fabric
  • Cotton
  • Jute
  • Nylon
  • Canvas
  • Other materials
  • Paper

On the basis of design type, the global vegetable totes market is segmented as –

  • Simple
  • Mesh net
  • Gestated
  • T-shirt
  • Others

On the basis of closure type, the global vegetable totes market is segmented as –

  • Zipper
  • Open
  • Rope bags
  • Others

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Global Vegetable Totes Market: Regional Outlook

The Asia Pacific market is expected to dominate the global vegetable totes market due to the growth of the retail sector and less economic & political risks in this region. The demand for vegetable totes in North American and Europe is expected to be sluggish as these are mature markets. The vegetable totes market in emerging economies, such as China and India, is expected to register high growth over the forecast period. Furthermore, the vegetable totes market in Africa is expected to register lucrative growth due to high demand expected over the forecast period.