Ammonium Nitrate Market research Prophesied to Grow at a Faster Pace by 2018-2028

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Low nitrogen emission and superior stability of ammonium nitrate in the crop protection chemicals to fuel market growth at stellar pace

Blasting Agent Properties of Ammonium Nitrate to Drive Global Market Growth

Growing popularity and usage of ammonium nitrate as a fertilizer and blasting agent is expected to significantly drive the revenue growth of ammonium nitrate market. Increasing demand from agriculture industry for improving soil’s nitrogen content, thereby benefitting in faming economy is expected to drive the demand and supply of ammonium nitrate.

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Ammonium nitrate has been gaining significant traction across the sports industry for treating first aid injuries as the products contains heat absorption and pain alleviation properties. Medical industry is likely to create lucrative growth opportunities for ammonium nitrate market with rising need for manufacturing nitrous oxide benefitting medications. However, surging consumption of urea owing to its low production cost and comparatively less harmful handling ways is expected to hinder the growth of ammonium nitrate market.

Mining Activities to Remain Profitable for Ammonium Nitrate Market Manufacturers

Profit margins have been shrinking due to increasing substitutes such as urea, which is discouraging the new ammonium nitrate market participants to make investments in the market, which in turn negatively impacts industry trend. Stringent regulations issued by OSHA for storage, handling, transportation and usage of ammonium nitrate includes

  • Need for storage building that have self-ventilating facilities during the emergence of fire.
  • Flooring in handling and storage areas must consist of noncombustible material.
  • Rejection of ammonium nitrate containers consisting of temperatures over 130degree.F.
  • Such regulations influences manufacturers to step out of ammonium nitrate market, thereby negatively impacting global market growth.

China Ammonium Nitrate Market to Prove Lucrative With Rising Fertilizer Needs

South Africa ammonium nitrate market is expected to witness substantial growth in the near future with growing presence of quarry operations and mines. High detonation velocity and water resistance properties further drives its usage in mining industry. Rapidly increasing metal mining base is anticipated to dive in new market opportunities for South Africa ammonium nitrate market manufacturers.

Rising agricultural land in US benefitting North America’s fertilizer industry and growing demand for explosives and increasing military expenditure is anticipated to significantly hold future of North America ammonium nitrate market. Increasing demand and supply of the agricultural end-products in India and China coupled with surging demand for mining explosives is likely to drive the revenue growth of APAC ammonium nitrate market. China ammonium nitrate market is expected to witness lucrative growth with higher production rate of the nitrogen fertilizers for exports and domestic applications.

Ammonium Nitrate Market Has Been Organized Based On Its Application Industry and End-Use

Based on application industry, ammonium nitrate market can be classified into

  • Explosives
  • Agriculture
  • Others

Based on end-use, ammonium nitrate market can be classified into

  • Nitrous Oxide Manufacture
  • Military Explosives
  • Commercial and Civilian Explosives and Blasting Agents
  • Fertilizers

Ammonium nitrate market research report offers detailed analysis of global market and consists of thoughtful facts, insights, historical data as well as industry-validated and statistically supported market data. The report also offers predictions by means of suitable methodologies and set of assumptions. Furthermore, the research report provides information and analysis based on market segments.

Ammonium Nitrate Market Report Holistically Covers:

  • Value Chain
  • Technological advancements and developments
  • Competitive landscape
  • DROTs
  • Demand and supply
  • Ammonium nitrate market sizing
  • Market prospects
  • Detailed segmentation analysis

Regions in Ammonium Nitrate Market Includes:

  • North America ammonium nitrate market including (Canada and US)
  • Latin America ammonium nitrate market including (Brazil and Mexico)
  • Western Europe ammonium nitrate market including (Spain, UK, France, Italy and Germany)
  • Eastern Europe including (Russia and Poland)
  • Asia-Pacific including (New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN, India and China)
  • Japan ammonium nitrate market
  • Middle East & Africa ammonium nitrate market including (North Africa, South Africa and GCC Countries)

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